Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kindergarten Outfit Inspo

I can't believe my little Aviana starts Kindergarten in two weeks! Time really does fly by! We have been prepping for Kinder and did a little back to school shopping recently. I went to HM and found some amazing pieces at such a low price! Seriously, a cute dress for $5! Yes, please! And these adorable unicorn leggings? I mean, what kid doesn't love unicorns!

Where do you like shopping for back to school clothes? My go-to places have been HM, Nordstrom, Joe Fresh, and Zara!

Aviana seems excited about starting Kindergarten yet you can tell she seems a little nervous about attending a new school. She keeps asking all kinds of questions like "Who is going to be at my new school?", "Who will my teacher be?", Will I have nap time?" (nap time isn't her favorite).

To be honest, I am an emotional wreck right now. As I go around getting things ready for Kinder I get all teary eyed. When we went to Kindergarten orientation my eyes filled with tears the second I walked in to her school. When her backpack arrived and we tried on her new school clothes, I was a mess. I know this all sounds very dramatic but I have all the mama feels right now and I can't seem to contain my emotions!

Please share any advice you mamas have on dealing with the transition into Kindergarten!

Where did my baby go???

xo, Mars

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