Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorite Baby Products: 3-6 Months

This is the “Bentley” of strollers.  It is simple, modern, and easy to use.  I’m only 4’10” so I was a little worried about lugging this thing around.  To my surprise, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.  It is a little pricey but worth every penny.  If you are considering buying a “premium” stroller, this should be it.

2.  KicKee Pants Footie
How cute are these little footies???  The fabric is super soft and stretchy, and the backside has ruffles on the booty.  Adorbs!   Also, they have fold over hand mittens and extra fleece on the feet which is perfect because my house is always freezing!!!   Dear Kicky Pants, please make these in my size!!!
I was immediately drawn to this playard because of the simple, sleek design.  I considered the Graco Pack N Play, but realized it was a little to frou-frou looking for my taste.  This was easy to assemble and doesn’t take up too much space in my living room.  My mother-in-law has the 4moms 'Breeze' playard which is also amazing.
The Skip Hop bibs are the cutest bibs I’ve ever seen!  They are lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to clean.  The coolest feature is the bib has a tuck away pouch, making it easy to fold and throw in to your diaper bag.  I currently have the cat, the owl, the monkey, and the lady bug.  I’ll definitely be buying more of these soon.
This monitor is awesome!  The picture quality is great (both day and night), the sound quality is amazing, and there is a pretty cool talk back feature which is nice (though I rarely use it).  The battery life is long which allows me to move from room to room without having to plug it in.  I love feeling reassured that my baby girl is okay when she is not by my side.  
This is perfect for moms on the go.  It holds more formula and cereal than other dispensers I’ve seen and it doesn’t spill!  If you bottle feed, this is a must have.
To be honest, I can’t tell you why this teether is so great.  I just know that Avi LOVES it and refuses to use any other.  She likes to chew on the ears and smiles when it squeaks.  Sophie is made out of natural rubber, has a squeaker, and kind of reminded me of my dog’s toys (Rambo actually thought this was his.  I have to keep it away from him, otherwise it would be destroyed).  
I'm in love with this bag! It's gorgeous and I get tons of compliments on it. The design of Petunia Pickle Bottom bags is so darn cute. I love that I can wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. The fold out changing pad is detachable and washable which is great.
This high chair is undoubtedly the best looking chair out there. It fits seamlessly in my house as part of the décor, while providing all of the functions that any baby and parent could ever want! You can raise it up or down, tilt it forwards or back, and rotate it 360 degrees.  What I love most is that this high chair is easy to clean and will grow with Aviana.  It becomes a great toddler chair.
I’ve been using the Jumparoo daily for about 3 months and Avi just LOVES it! The second she gets in it she gets really excited and starts to giggle.  She jumps up and down and has recently become fascinated with the toys attached to it.  It is also easy to put together.  I put it together myself (yes I did) and it took me about 15 minutes.
Avi has grown out of her Fisher-Price Snugabunny swing and has upgraded to the Mamaroo.  This is a cool and contemporary swing (totally my style), and has various swing options and speeds.  Avi likes the Kangaroo setting.  The fact that you can connect your IPod to it and play your own music is what I love the most.  Avi is quickly becoming a huge Beatles fan.  "All you need is LOVE"!!!  ;)

Fisher-Price Jumparoo
KicKee Pants
Bloom Fresco High Chair
Skip Hop Bib:  This is her first time trying sweet potatoes.  She hated them, but LOVES them now.  ;)


  1. I defiantly love the simple, black baby items!! I can't stand the "baby baby" stuff. I try to stray from it if I can!! Poor little girl didn't like those potatoes!! lol, that's how Matthew was with avocado, now he likes it!! Babies & their mood swing appetite!! She looks SO tiny in her high chair!! What a sweetie.

    1. I know I'm not in to the "baby baby" stuff either! And to be honest, the color pink is starting to drive me crazy as well. It's everywhere! Haha. Avi hasn't tried avocado yet. I'm allergic to it so I'm scared to give it to her!

  2. I want all these things! Especially the orbit system! Oh well next baby I guess ;) I love seeing her sitting up!! I feel like these girls were just born yesterday! What happened!!

    1. The Orbit is amazing! A MUST buy for your next one! Aren't they growing up so fast??? It's crazy!!! :/

  3. I love your blog and your style. Your baby is so, so cute! keep the posts coming. :)

  4. Love this list! Her faces while trying the sweet potato are simply priceless!

  5. I found your blog through Little Baby Garvin and I love it! Your style is amazing and little Avi is adorable!

    My little guy tried sweet potatoes a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty sure he's an addict. Although, I think he would eat just about anything that was fed to him! :)



  6. how cute is Avi! my baby boy os in love with Sophie too!
    thanks for the advice on the snacks dispenser I was just looking for somethin like that :)

  7. Hey Marissa! I saw your comment about training cups on Jessica's blog. My little Lillie wouldn't take a sippy cup well at all either. We started to let her try drinking out of our straw at restaurants, etc... and she did awesome! She now always just drinks from a straw and also the straw sippy cups! I have heard of lots of babies that prefer straws also...just a thought. We had such good luck with it I had to share with you! :)

    1. Hey Katie! Thanks for the tip. I will have to try a straw. I don't know why I didn't even think of that! ;)

  8. Your baby is adorable! I love the heart hat. :) I am a brand new mama - and I love your monthly favorites! :)


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